La Dimora di Metello

La Dimora di Metello is situated in the Sassi of Matera, in particular in the heart of the Sasso Barisano of Matera and is in proximity of the historic Via Fiorentini. It takes its name from the Torre Metellana (Metellana Tower) that made part of the city limits of the historic neighbourhoods of Matera, that border the central hill in the Sassi called Civita. The legend attributes the construction of the tower to the Roman consul, Quinto Cecilio Metello Numicidio, who would have died in Matera leaving his name to the city: Metheola. The tower was built in the 11th century at their own expense by a brave Roman captain victorious over Saracen troops, after which he took permanent residence in the city of Matera.

Featuring a fitted terrace with a panoramic view of the Sasso Barisano, which can be accessed by all 4 of the rooms, La Dimora di Metello gives outdoor moments of relaxation, to fully enjoy the magic atmosphere that surrounds the place.
The skilled and experienced professionals worked hard to restore the cave-houses and have managed to make the public rooms and four suites of the Dimora di Metello comfortable and elegant, a place where Elizabeth, Nico and Agata, managers and "neighbors", will welcome you with joy to make your stay in the city of the Sassi unforgettable.
The intention of the design was aimed at defining a place capable of interacting with the surrounding environment and tradition but at the same time be able to surprise, showing you a new, elegant and rigorous beauty leaving you to rediscover the elements of tradition.
Matera 2019 La Dimora di Metello
Via Casale, 2B
Sasso Barisano
75100 Matera

T. + 39 0835 339165
M. + 39 339 8199160

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