Welcome to La Dimora di Metello, in the heart of the Sassi of Matera, an enchanting place part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1993 and the first site in the South of Italy.

Through this site you can get to know La Dimora, book your visit, discover Matera; which was also elected as the European Capital of Culture for 2019 and plan your stay for a beautiful holiday in Matera and the most fascinating places in the Basilicata and Puglia regions.

Rooms and hospitality

The rooms of the Dimora di Metello in the Sassi of Matera will welcome you into a magical place, with the original excavated environment in the rocks, which maintains all of the signs of the unique world history. The rooms are designed to allow you to absorb yourself into the environment and to surprise, showing you a new, rigorous and elegant beauty leaving space to rediscover the elements of tradition.


Matera is the city of the Sassi, a unique place in the world that recounts the extraordinary history of mankind who have settled here since the Paleolithic age, The Sassi of Matera gained the status of UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993 and in 2014 Matera was elected as the European Capital of Culture 2019.

The location of Dimora di Metello allows guests to choose and visit the most beautiful and interesting places in Basilicata and the neighbouring region of Puglia. In fact Matera’s location is baricentric and in an optimal position to organise an unforgettable holiday.